HISDA History

The forerunners of the Houston International Church were the Southwest Houston Church and the Dairy Ashford Church.  This is the history of our beginnings remembered by founding members Dottie and George Saxon and Ruth and Hank Thomsen.

The Southwest Houston Church was started in 1977/78 under the “Dark Area Evangelism” program of the Texas Conference of Seventh-day Adventists along with the Central Seventh-day Adventist Church as the sponsor.  Jim Thompson was the founding pastor along with his wife Hope, followed by Pastor Wayne Hancock and his wife Diane, Pastor Fred Elkins and his wife Ella Ruth, and Pastor Dan Gleason and his wife Suzi.

Our first location was a rental in southwest Houston.  We moved after a couple of years to rent the Disciples United Church of Christ on South Hillcroft.  We were in that location for about ten years.

After several years there was a need for a church in far west Houston.  Several of our members felt impressed to spearhead the efforts to begin this new congregation. They planted a church in the Dairy Ashford area, as a “daughter” church of the Southwest Houston Church.  This congregation flourished for several years until the Southwest Houston Church and the Dairy Ashford Church decided to merge into one congregation. Our congregation was now comprised of Caribbean Islanders, Niigerians, Chinese, Philippinos, Mexicans, Pakistanis and many others, thus the name Houston International was chosen to reflect our membership.  We believe this is a small taste of what heaven will look like.

After several moves into rental locations, we moved into our permanent home at 13885 Beechnut in 1997.  We have continued to grow through God’s leading over the years and now have over 40 nationalities represented in our congregation.  It is our desire to be a beacon of hope to the community, and a place of comfort and healing for anyone who walks through our doors.