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Day 5

It has been a beautiful series this week revealing the great love of God to save all who come to Him. Before each message Sister Nikisha presents a short healthy living topic. Last night she gave guidance on temperance. Many people live to eat, but we should eat to live. Yes, we can eat tasty food, but we need to eat good tasty foods. Feel free to reach out to Nikisha at 423.400.4665 about joining the 10 Talents International Newsletter, or to ask her a question that you believe she may be able to help you with. Leave a message and she will call you back.
Pastor Lee shared with us “Ekklesia” (The Church) from Genesis 12:1. Babylon is a snare of Satan from which so many people find it hard to break free. Our senses are delighted by the many attractions of this world. Abram had to break the hold of Babylon when God called him out, and by his obedience Abram left his city in the province of Babylon to follow where God would lead him. He gathered his family and servants, and, trusting God, he went where God led him. God gave him a new name of blessing, Abraham, and he received the blessings that God has in store for the obedient. This blessing of Abraham extends to all humanity through Jesus Christ. By Jesus’ obedience to His Father, we have been reclaimed, redeemed by His death and resurrection in our stead. God has a special blessing for you, too, as his obedient servant! I urge you to seek and follow Jesus with all your hearts. With His strength, you can get out of your “Babylon” as the angels warn in Revelation, worship the only true, living creator-God and be counted in God’s fold of saints! Hold fast to our dear Savior, and let Jesus reign as king in your lives.
Challenge to ponder :  God is calling you out of Babylon. What is your “Babylon”? How does obeying Jesus save you?
There are only two nights remaining. Do you think sin is serious? How serious is it? Come out tonight and see how serious sin is to God! Don’t miss the blessings. The meetings begin promptly at 7 p.m. and close and 8:30 p.m. Bring the children as they have nightly programs as well. Running late from work, no problem. Snacks are served each night.

Last nights attendance:

2 returning visitors
91 adults
37 children.

Please Invite a friend–it’s never too late, and continue to pray that God will touch each one of us to humble ourselves and seek His Kingdom.

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