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Day 1

Day 1 of The Great Invitation was wonderful. We had two very good sermons about the Word of God. The first was a look into “Receiving the Word” of God. We saw the power of God’s word…how it divided things and brought forth beautiful things. However, the message was not just about hearing the Truth, but also if the has Truth set us free, Many have heard the Word. They come week after week to church and hear the word, but they are not free. Why? Because they do not have Bread of Life; because we are not clinging to Jesus.

Clinging to Jesus, the Word, was the heart of the evening message. We looked at the Parables of the Sower, and a story of Paul’s efforts teaching someone the truth over a period of two years only to be told it is not a convenient time. We also looked at the account of the King who was almost convicted to be a Christian. The difference between a Disciple and the way side is that a disciple hangs on every Word that comes from God…no matter how inconvenient.

We praise God for the 8 first time visitors that came to hear the truth, and the 4 baptismal commitments.Please come out tonight and join the 88 adults and 40 children that attended last night. Our song service begins at 6:50 PM.

Thank you for your continued prayers, support and service for the Master in the various roles.

See you tonight!!

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